Since the early 1990s, WETCO has provided design, installation and maintenance services for hundreds of public and private concerns throughout the Intermountain West. We can provide detailed descriptions of the scope of work for various projects for this (partial) list of clients provided here:

BYU-Idaho Central Energy Facility

Wide-angle view of the main energy facility at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho where WETCO installed the process-control instrumentation and systems integration as a subcontractor to Big-D Construction.

Close-up shot of the main panel of the process-control instrumentation for BYU-Idaho’s central energy facility.

In November 2016, WETCO Inc. completed its part of the new state-of-the-art central energy facility at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. As a key subcontractor of Big-D Construction, WETCO provided the process control instrumentation and system integration for the plant. The new facility was designed to provide steam for heat to all the buildings across the campus. In addition, its 4.5 megawatt turbine produces electrical power to offset power consumption from the grid. Key parts of the project include a heat recovery steam generator, three steam boilers, a back-up generator, a back-up fuel-oil system and multiple ancillary equipment packages.

In addition to installing, testing and integrating the process controls, WETCO’s staff also designed the control system to give the operations personnel a custom system tailored to their specific needs in controlling all operational functions of the plant.

Close-up view of the control panel for the four condensate pumps at the facility.

The installation incorporated Allen Bradley Contro lLogix PLC’s and HMI’s, Wonderware HMI system platform SCADA software.

The $1.5 million project began in October 2013 and was finished in November 2016, on budget and on schedule.

For 25 years, WETCO has been designing, integrating and maintaining automated SCADA process control and chlorination systems for culinary water systems, waste-water and irrigation, food processing and the mining and petroleum industries as well as various other industrial process controls and instrumentation.

Its offices are in Sandy, Utah.

U of U Generator #5 Replacement

View of hot-water return expansion tank for the U. campus’ heating loop.

In December 2016, WETCO Inc. completed a contract to provide the system integration for the University of Utah lower campus high-temperature, hot-water plant generator No. 5 upgrade project. The plant provides HTHW for heat to buildings across the U of U campus and includes a turbine generator, heat-recovery steam generator, four HTHW generators, back-up generator and multiple ancillary equipment packages. WETCO’s staff integrated the new control system and two new HTHW generators with the existing controls to give the plant a custom hybrid control system.

Key components used in building the controls include Allen Bradley Contro lLogix PLC’s and HMI’s, GE IFIX SCADA Software.

The $220,000 project started in October 2015 and was completed in January 2017, and as always, on schedule and on budget.

Closer view of the pressure transmitter valves at the U of U heat plant expansion tank.

Since 1990, WETCO has been designing, integrating and maintaining automated industrial process controls and instrumentation projects, SCADA process control and chlorination systems for culinary water systems, waste-water and irrigation, for food processing plants and for the mining and petroleum industries.

Its plant and offices are located in Sandy, Utah.

City of Perry, Utah, SCADA System

View of solar panel installed by WETCO to power the RTU (remote terminal unit).

WETCO Inc. has finished in record time its installation of the City of Perry, Utah’s SCADA system for its culinary water network, including controls using solar-power generation. Not only does the water system include three tanks, a spring and four wells, but it also will have the capacity to handle expansion, including future sewer lift stations. WETCO designed and installed the SCADA system to give the operators extensive remote capabilities, user-friendly operating and reporting capabilities. Unique to this project was its very short, 45-day start-to-finish schedule. It was finished on-time and on-budget.

Incorporated into the system were Allen Bradley Contro lLogix PLC’s, C-More HMI’s, GE/MDS Radios, GE IFIX SCADA components and software.

Inside view of the solar panel RTU controls.

The $100,000 project was started in November 2016 and completed by the end of year. For a quarter of a century, WETCO has been designing, integrating and maintaining automated SCADA process control and chlorination systems for culinary water systems, waste-water and irrigation, food processing and the mining and petroleum industries.

WETCO INC.’s offices are in Sandy, Utah.

Inside look at Perry’s culinary water system’s SCADA control panel.


“WETCO was an integral part of us being able to bring the new plant online while decommissioning the old plant without any interruption of service to the campus. WETCO did an excellent job working with the electrical and mechanical subcontractors to integrate the systems of a complex and phased project.”

Andrew Wolford,
LEED Green Associate
Project Manager
Big-D Construction

“WETCO has been excellent to work with from day one. We were looking for someone who would be there after the installation–someone who would answer a call and take of a problem immediately. They’ve exceeded our expectations. Every job has a glitch or two, and when I called Jesse about an issue, he was here on site to take care of it. And, then before he left, he asked if there was anything else he could do. The customer service experience has been awesome. What is even more amazing is that they only had 45 days from the time we awarded the contract to get it up and running. WETCO was exactly what we were looking for.”

Greg Braegger,
City of Perry, Utah

"WETCO, Inc. contracted with the town of Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming, to integrate the town's water system with the installation and implementation of SCADA. This system included three wells, two tanks and a booster station. WETCO was responsive to the town's needs and desires and integrated changes to the project with speed and efficiency. The project was a success and the town has been pleased with WETCO's performance and continues to use them for additional projects. I personally was impressed with WETCO's performance and have recommended their services to other municipalities in need of SCADA programming or upgrades."

D. Shay Smith,
Project Engineer
Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming

"GSL Electric recently had the opportunity to work with WETCO on the Barrick Rodeo Paste Fill project. This project had many challenges starting in the bid stage and continued into the construction phase and throughout the start-up/close-out activities. The project design was very incomplete when the project [was] bid; throughout the duration of the project, there were constant changes and modifications being made by the owner and engineer. Throughout the entire project, WETCO performed at the highest level of professionalism and quality that I could have asked for. They truly were a partner and a team player allowing us to successfully complete the project on time; their quality of work always surpassed expectations. I would recommend WETCO without hesitation. Their dedication, attention to detail and commitment to quality made for a very enjoyable experience on this project."

Phil Capell,
Project Manager / Chief Estimator
GSL Electric / Sandy, Utah

  • Camp Williams Military Reservation, Utah National Guard (Waterworks Facilities)
  • Centerfield and Mayfield Cities (SCADA System Project)
  • City of Idaho Falls
  • City of Midvale (Waterworks)
  • JR Simplot – Fertilizer Plant
  • Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake and Sandy/Point of the Mountain Treatment Plant (Process Controls and Instrumentation)
  • Blackfeet WTP, Browning, Montana (Process Controls     and Instrumentation)
  • Oxbow WWTP, Shelby, Idaho (Process Controls and     Instrumentation)
  • Teton Village (Water and Sewer)
  • Town of Pinedale, Wyoming
  • Town of Thayne (SCADA System and Tank Site)
  • Utah State Development Center (New Boiler Plant     Instrumentation and Boiler Monitoring System)
  • Weber Basin Water
  • Weber State University (Boiler Plant Controls Upgrade)
  • Kennecott Copper/Rio Tinto
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